The Biggest and Most Popular Cod Liver Oil Brand in the Nordic Region

Möller's is the only producer in the world that has been making industry leading fish oils for over 150 years. Founded and invented by the Norwegian pharmacist Peter Möller in 1854, the Möller’s brand is the biggest nutritional supplement brand in the Nordic region and the second largest cod liver oil brand globally.

Möller’s delivers omega 3 products of highest quality. The products are made from fresh raw material from the purest seas; the oils are kept in its natural form (triglycerides) and go through gentle but effective production and purification processes. Each Möller's omega 3 product gives you a generous amount of DHA and EPA from fish, which are the best documented omega 3 fatty acids. Prides itself as a truly Norwegian brand, analysis and strict quality controls are set at all steps of our value chain to obtain quality levels that far exceed the strict levels set by Norwegian Authorities.

Möller's 150 years of unique experience and knowledge of the evolving needs of consumers delivers the finest cod liver oil in both liquid and capsule forms.


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