Swedish Tapas

We think it ought to be easy to socialise. When food is included it should be simple, delicious and easy to prepare. Therefore we have picked out a few of our favourite products, developed from the finest ingredients from the ocean, which we think are just perfect for your social life – we call it Swedish Tapas.


Marinated Herring - Ready to eat Swedish delicacy

In our herring range you will find mild and creamy marinades as well as tangy recipes with creative flavour combinations. All of our herring products are MSC certified, while at the same time the fish is naturally rich in beneficial Omega-3.


Caviar - A sense of luxury

Our range of caviar and toppings includes classic lumpfish roe, capelin roe and the vegetarian alternative made from seaweed as well as our upcoming new product: fine grained roe from MSC-certified herring.


Spreads - The pure flavours from the sea

The rich flavor our spreads offer is based on a mildly smoked cod roe combined with sensitively fished and selected salmon and tuna. By keeping our delicious spreads in the fridge, you are never far away from the sea.


Simply add fish! -  A series of "ready-thought" dinner solutions for fish

Now it's finally easy to cook tasty fish that the whole family will enjoy. Absolutely free from additives, the range comes in three mild flavours which are developed by chefs and tastes are tested by children for best results. These lovely cook-in sauces help the households eat and enjoy more fish on an everyday basis. Healthy and easy - couldn't get much better.