One of the nation's most loved confectionery products for 80 years

For thousands of years, liquorice has been believed to hold mystic, healing powers. In the past people have used liquorice to ward off evil spirits and as a remedy for stomach complaints, coughs and chest infections. Today, however, liquorice is enjoyed mainly for its delicious taste.

Panda has been producing the finest soft liquorice in Finland since 1927. The secret of the unique flavour of Panda liquorice lies in the meticulous selection of raw materials, careful cooking and a production process rich in tradition. Every single batch of product is manufactured without preservatives. 

Filled or flavoured liquorice that come in various sizes, Panda liquorice has developed with changes in fashion, whilst still respecting the tradition. As always, the super smooth texture and delicious taste of Panda Liquorice is sure to bring back fond childhood memories and put a smile on your face. 


Panda Soft & Fresh Licorice

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