Kalev chocolates have a rich cocoa taste, are slightly sourish and full. The chocolate mass contains 100% cocoa butter, is pure and natural – without trans fatty acids and preservatives. Kalev produces a wide variety of white, dark and milk chocolates, among them pure chocolate flavours with exciting filling, whch have been known and loved by Estonians for many decades.

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The sweets of Kalev include a wide range of various candies: from chocolate candies and dragees with exciting fillings to caramels and gummies. The selection includes candies for small children as well as adult sweettooths with developed demands. No artificial preservatives have been added to the candies of Kalev and they do not contain hydrogenated vegetable fat.

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Known for its nostalgic formed shape, Kalev biscuits has been a tradition in many homes throughout the times. Produced with the flower motif of pure and natural raw materials, the preservative free biscuits make the ultimate coffee or tea companion.